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Mary and John Niwa
Albuquerque Water Gardens
1800 Candelaria NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107
Phone: 505-246-8278

09:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday thru Saturday
Albuquerque Water Gardens started in 1994 at the home of John Niwa and Mary Solt-Niwa. John has over 30 years of nursery experience in management, growing and retail. He is a State of NM Certified Nurseryman and holds a current pesticide applicators license from NMDA. Mary is graduate of Penn State Univ. and holds a degree in Horticulture. She is also a Certified Nurseryman from the State of NM and has nearly 25 years of nursery experience in growing, retail and management.
With the help of their two children Luis and William, and a few doggies this has been a family business that has grown over the years. It has been a work in progress converting their yard into a functioning garden center and growing facility. All the aquatic plants are grown at the water garden facility and the Albuquerque Water Gardens team takes great pride in producing some of the finest aquatic plants available. Also grown at the facility are many native and drought tolerant plants.

Four main ponds encompass most of the yard and hold the many varieties of water lilies that are for sale at the water gardens. A large cold frame sports and displays both the hardy and tropical marginals that are used in the shallow areas of the ponds.
Floating plants are everywhere and are used in the vegetable filtration ponds throughout the grounds. Fish are sold not only as a decorative feature but as a functioning aspect of the pond.

Not only do ponds abound but there is also a sunken garden where perennials are displayed, a 'napatorium', a great swing
under an arbor for those who just want to relax a bit and a rustic store for housing the hard goods that are for sale.

We love what we do at the Albuquerque Water Gardens and want to share that with the many people that come through our gates.

We at the Albuquerque Water Gardens continually strive to produce quality grown plants, provide products that are efficient and affordable and service our customers with knowledge and courtesy while maintaining a safe and pleasant place to shop.
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